Monday, April 15, 2013

Ain't nothing better than a stink breath super guru

There ain't nothing better than a stink breath super guru taking credit for a crash in gold that he "called"  roflmaooooo

He was a mega gold Bull just a week ago, saying it was overdone and ready to bounce.  I'm sure he got destroyed on that and took his sheep with him to the slaughter.

We had NEM 38 puts in the newsletter in at .95 in early March and out today for half at 3.90 and holding the rest with a 1.50 stop. We've been bearish on gold and silver for weeks now.

Oh and by the way, yeah I mentioned a winner, but we have losers in the newsletter too.  That's the REAL way the market works, not fantasy land with fake win rates, and hedge fund blow ups.  

Aren't you sick of paying for a super guru's mansion, exotic cars, planes and deluxe sushi dinners?

The newsletter is going to be launching at $497 a YEAR, not a month like some of these thieves charge.

Right now, its free, and you can check it out without even having to sign up at

Stop being robbed by duplicitous scumbags.


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