Thursday, November 28, 2013

Extreme Scamming

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

'Be on the lookout for extreme scammers during the holiday season

Spewing out numbers that are completely fabricated, but yet sold as legitimate"real" trades.

Give me a break

Same scam, different name

Whenever you see these too good to be true come-ons, read the disclaimers for the whole story.  You will be shocked.

Check the reviews on the companies that are pumping the promotions and you will see they are worse than the scammers that are the front (runners) men for the service.

Learn to earn, stop following the Shepard blindly to slaughter


Friday, November 22, 2013

From criminal to pathetic (but still criminal)

If the only way you think you can sell your over hyped, under performing service is by saying that you almost died, you are more pathetic than ever thought possible.

While many people wish you HAD died, you were never even close.

A new herd of sheep will now be led to slaughter


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Market Video for The Week of November 18th, 2013

How do smelly, slimey, super gurus get through the worst stretch of trading?

I always love when a super guru writes out that he went through a bad stretch but is now of course killing it. Gee, as a trader, can you go through a huge ugly drawdown and snap right back like it was nothing?  Of course not.

These scumbags are complete gamblers and you are feeding their lifestyle filled with 1500/month car leases, 10k a month rental properties and luxurious vacations and $200 dinners.  And don't forget their posse of lawyers and nannies so they can pretend to be good parents.

The reason these criminals can do it, is they put out a "what you have to do right now!" class or trading list of some sort, like a short list that gets annihilated, with the sheep that follow them turning into lamb chops. They then collect the loot and go back to the hideout to split it up with their partners.

When a super guru tells you how they've recently killed the market, yet the market has been doing the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what they said it would, or CHARGED insanely high prices for a class on exactly the opposite of what the market wound up doing, SAY SOEMTHING.  Get right in their ugly, foul breathed face and ask them how they are killing it all of a sudden.  I'll save you the trouble and the stink breath: They took the money they fleeced off their followers and wa la!  Gambled again and this time got lucky.

Call the FTC SEC NFA and FNRA and report these douches if you've been scammed by them. DO NOT let them victimize you or anyone else any longer.

Let them travel to luxurious places on their dime, not yours.