Thursday, December 17, 2015

The super guru does it again!

Only the stink breath, super guru cnan get crushed on a $7 dollar stock.

that;s right, he gave out FCX, with stop losses and then demolished anyone following his advice taking a 15% loss.

if you are following this loser under his new scam paertnership and company then you;ve bene promoted his new scam list for the January effect.

Is the "trend" a scam?  NO!  But listening to this loser, who claims to never lose is a joke. The first stock he gave out to ANYONE that would listen was FCX, and he gave entry and stop that got its hole ripped open.  Yet no mention of how terrible the trade was or how he got crushed on it and killed anyone that followed him.

If you give this loser a PENNY of your money you are certifiable. He charegs a mortgage payment to ge this cam list and then ABANDONS you without update or with "its holding up well" after its CRUSHED.

Get rich quick in the market is not happening and that's all losers like this ass clown teaches.

He's claiming last year rocked and the year before when they DIDN'T and he even admitted they werent as good as he would have liked them to be. 
You will be CRUSHED just like the sectors this loser is touting!

Stay safe.  Burn the money, at least you'll stay warm.  Don't give it to that loser