How to use this blog

I read a ton of media in all forms every week. Hard print, online articles, blogs like this one, and anything I can get my eyes on. What I like to do is gather as much information as possible, and then make an informed decision on my next move in the market. I don't take anything as the "be all, end all". I absorb what I can and move forward from there.

Feel free to use this blog for as much education and opinion as you want, but in the end, make your decision based on your own needs and position in life. Thanks!

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Please remember:

The information posted on this blog IN NO WAY should EVER be taken as advise to buy or sell securities, currencies, options or futures. this blog is for my analyis only, as I map out my feelings about the various financial markets. See the disclaimer for more.


You should always make your own trading and investment decisions after you carefully think through the risks involved.