Friday, May 24, 2013

Facebook stock closes under the 200 day moving average

Facebook closes the week under the 200 day moving average

Super gurus around the world are scrambling to put out new services to fleece the already skinned sheep

Beware for the big push for worthless new services, as they will need it to keep themselves in the high lifestyle of mansions, expensive SUVs (while they scream GREEN ENERGY!) and $500 dinners.


Various thoughts on the correction...

Stock markets at a crossroads after sell-off - Financial Times

The Week MagazineStock markets at a crossroads after sell-offFinancial TimesIf past trends are any guide, moves by the Federal Reserve to taper or terminate its quantitative easing programme could trigger a significant stock market correction that is ...

Correction is contained on stock market - Kathimerini

KathimeriniCorrection is contained on stock marketKathimeriniA late push led by Coca-Cola HBC contained the significant losses incurred by most blue chips during Monday's session on the Athens bourse, as investors sought to cash in on last week's gai ...

A Stock Market Correction Will Yield Trading Opportunities ...


We have seen a big rally in U.S. stocks and that is what we are seeing still yet! With all the whining and crying and doomsday scenario gurus are selling with their newsletters, the markets have risen to new all-time highs.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Facebook- roflmaooooooooooo

I guess Facebook didnt get the memo about it being named the stock of the year by the super guru.

Sigh...more sheep led to the slaughter


The Oil and Stock market correlation

Some are calling this move in oil a warning sign, but I mean the move itself in the market is the real warning sign, in my opinion.  We are extended, and going for a blow off top it appears.

Crude Oil Reverses Course as Stock Market Rallies - Wall Street Journal
Crude Oil Reverses Course as Stock Market RalliesWall Street JournalNEW YORK—Crude-oil futures shed earlier losses Wednesday as a stock market rally boosted investor sentiment. Oil futures traded more than 2% lower earlier in the session after a repo ...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Out of nothing....

Will come many, many, lawsuits...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Stock of the year!  Roflamoooooooooooooooooooo

If you can;t tell, I;m being sarcastic on the whole stock of the year thing., I'm just commenting on how some criminals that are front running the stock are pumping the living crap ouit of it

Same losers that called LNKD to under $75.  LOL