Saturday, March 2, 2013

More sequester talk!

Just what I'm sure you can't wait to read about this weekend right?

Through the sequester looking glass - Stymied by a GOP House, Obama looks ahead to 2014 ...
Obama's false claim of Capitol janitors receiving 'a pay cut. 10 sequester questions and answers. Obama's 'Jedi mind meld' mixes SciFi worlds. Stymied by a GOP House, Obama looks ahead to 2014 to cement his legacy. The Washington Post.

Cuts in place, Obama and GOP brace for next fight - The Boston Globe - Nation
Obama was holding out hope that as Americans start feeling the effects of the sequester — the term used for the automatic spending cuts

Washington needs smarter approach than sequester - The Boston Globe - Nation
Washington needs smarter policy than sequester. The Washington Post News Service. Share via e-mail. Add a message. Let's get something straight: Sequestration doesn't prove that the government is broken or that it can't get anything done.
— public pressure will force lawmakers back to the table.

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