Friday, February 22, 2013

Gartman makes his stand

I would consider Dennis Gartman a super guru, but not that kind of super guru (the scam artists I often refer to).  Gartman is well respected by many, and loathed by some too.  Why? because he makes statements that most don't understand.  this one wasn't one of those times.  He was Bearish and nailed this. 

Whether he caught the top or not isn't the point.  He made a stand, and on the short term, was correct. Does he stay that way?  We'll know soon.

In the meantime, good job sir.

Business Insider - MARKET GURU YELLS 'SELL - ' Should You - Business Insider
A popular stock market guru, Dennis Gartman, made a black and white call earlier this week, telling subscribers to his market newsletter that he was selling his stocks and rushing to the sidelines.

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