Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank goodness

Thank goodness that there are no super guru charities trying to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. The last try was for the victims of Hatti, and that money just went to sushi during "planning meetings" (roflmaooooooo) on what to do with the money that was scammed. It was once again another way to fleece the sheep! Don't give any of these scumbags your money. They open these charities to wash the money and pay it out to their siblings or boy/girl friends and then miraculously have nothing left to help anyone. they pretend they are scratching their scabs, but what they are really doing is running another scam that takes advantages of people that don;t know who they really are- lowlife filth bag criminals. I'm not against charity, just the super guru charities! Just pick a real one that actually does something with the money. If you gave any for the Hatti relief efforts that never went anywhere, get it back or contact your State Attorney General and complain. Michael tiny Saul

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