Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Censorship- The Super Guru Way

It's just another prime example of what filthy foul breathed scumbags these supergurus are.

These criminals BEG you to read their emails and like them on Facebook, then CENSOR the comments when someone complains about getting robbed by their company. They disgustingly drop in their family to make them look like they are actually human beings (they aren't) when all they care about is ripping off the next unsuspecting victim

I love the subject lines that include: PLEASE READ!  ROFLMAOOOOOO. If they are KILLING the market, why do they need your money from overhyped, horrible training?  Simple, because they SUCK at trading, SUCK at running a hedge fund (if thats what you call it) and SUCK at picking stocks.Hey, they do need the money for their lawyers and will need much much more as they continue to be investigated for their fraudulent ways.  It's just the beginning for these crooks!

If they werent so obnoxious about it, you could let it slide, but the fact is, they say how great they are, how they are never wrong, yet haven't shown anything even close to a 50% record, nevermind perfect.

It's ok to be wrong, I'm wrong all the time.  The difference is in not staying wrong, and certainly not ignoring it, isn't it? Maybe I'm wrong (again).


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