Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to school

My two oldest start school tomorrow.  I had a great summer with all three of my sons, and wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world. I'll miss them, but am looking forward to paying some extra attention to my youngest, who will be 3 in a few days. He was a planned delivery, and I wanted him to be born on 9/11, but my wife thought that would be a horrible thing to do to him.  I thought just the opposite, as finally there would be something to be happy about when remembering that date. Sometimes, you have to make your own happiness. Its much tougher than making your own misery, which I am the master of. In the end, she had final say, and I was given the classic line "the next baby that YOU carry for 9 months you can have whenever you want". Case closed.

There are those that have to tell everyone how great a father they are, setting up scenarios where their kids pop in "unexpected" and say things during over-hyped training sessions given by these frauds. I remember stories about how their kids wanted a kiss goodnight or just to talk to them and they wouldn't even go in their room.  Despicable, but now they are great parents I'm sure!  They drop their kids off with random people while the travel on their victim's dime under the pretense of "working" when really they are just trying to find purpose in their life, scratching their scabs for all the hurt they have done to people.  The sad part is that no matter how much money these cretins make, it will never be enough to cleanse themselves of all the evil they have done in the world. 

I am a work in progress as a dad.  I still need to get a better grip on some things, including not feeling so guilty when I don't spend enough time with them. I am blessed though that my baby still wants to lay down with me to go to sleep. I know that will change eventually, so I'm cherishing the time while it's still here. It's better than any sushi there is.  

My children are ridiculously spoiled, and it's due to the great family and friends (who are just really extended family) that they have. I try my best not to spill them myself, but am guilty of it as well.  I blame it on having my kids late in life, but whateevr the reason, facts are facts.

Sorry for a non market update, but I'm feeling melancholy with all the back to school stuff today.


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