Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So far, I'm wrong

If you watched my video or are a subscriber to my list (it's free, sign up at you heard me talk about today's plan, whcih was to watch for early upsdie for a shoritng opportunity for a test back down to the Tuesday lows.

We did test, and even break the lows from Tuesday, but that was in the overnight session.  So far today, while the push up early on has pulled in and was faded, we haven't come near today;s lows, nevermind yesterdays.

My plan for the afternoon is to watch to see what breaks out of this congestion we are seeing.  We had a nice triangle, but the break did not get to the highs, and now the break down from that pattern hasn't led anywhere either.

We "should" move this afternoon, as the ADX On the 5 minute chart is now below the 15 mark, but  direction is still up in the air, so to speak.



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