Friday, July 13, 2012

The lying stink breath super gurus

Don't you just love when the lying criminal front running pump and dump super gurus tell you how great they did?

What about all their predictions that went sour that you never hear about again? What about the small cap biotech pump and dump and front run that was super hyped to thousands of people, and then ignored when it belly flopped?  It was said to be "holding up well" when it as up .10 but now that its down over a dollar you never hear a word?

What about the FB front run? Buying in the private market, never disclosing it, and then saying tis a good opportunity to buy it?

these are CRIMINAL actions and these scumbags need to be reported to the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, NFA, FTC and your State Attorney General.  Have you been scammed by a den of thieves out west that call you and sell you overpriced personal coaching that is nothing more than a group of other victims being read things you can find on the internet for free?  I've helped people get their money back already (its amazing what happens when you call the phone number of the silent partners (read: scam artist) and inform them of your legal intentions) and I'll gladly help you.  Don't be a victim, get the money you were scammed out of back where it belongs, in your pockets, not in the nannies of these thieves!

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