Thursday, June 14, 2012

I hope no one got hurt too badly on the pump and dump

I hope no one got too hurt buying into this pump and dump. I received some messages asking about support, etc., and then I found out that it was being touted and pumped HARD yesterday.

Ask for full disclosure folks from those that are doing the pumping.  If it isn't given, INCLUDING the updated position consider contacting the proper authorities to handle this.  This should not be tolerated, this is blatant front running and it's indisputable, nefarious and other big words that people use to pretend they are smarter then they are.

CONTACT THE SEC, FINRA the NFA, your State Attorney General, the FTC and put these criminals where they belong.  Believe me, you will be the guest of honor at the party celebrating their being put on the shelf, likely thrown by their own families!.


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