Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Super Gurus And Their Hype

Friday is super guru day!  FB ipo gets to be front run and super hyped by the scumbags that act like they help people.

make sure if you are following these scam artists that they fully disclose all holding including shares that were bough tin the private market.

Before following any hyped trades of their find out how many shares they own and when they are going to be selling it. 

I got some great responses form some people including those that weren't going to fall for the old guarantee trick again.  When you front run and pump and dump, you are always profitable, but your followers aren't.  Duh!

Nice call that the market will rally into Facebook!  ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

They stink but luckily the sheep are abandoning them faster than they can spend their money.


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