Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get ready for the super guru Facebook hype and front running!

Facebook is set to start trading on Friday.

BE VERY CAREFUL following super gurus into trading the BRAND NEW IPO that day.  They will not disclose their private, secondary market holdings (which is a violation in and of itself since they will be pumping so they can dump (eventually)) and its highly unlikely you can afford to take the chances that these filthbags do.

They use subscriber money (I'm sure they are cleaning out the accounts as they always do when they go bust and need to reload because despite their lies, they have been stinking up their subscribers accounts as of late) and don't care if they blow up, because they will just reload the next time with more money gotten from their scams.

They won;t use proper money management, and just make excuses about why they didn't (my favorite is "You have to have a big account" yet never a disclosure about that when they are trying to sign you up} it.  They will say that you "should have" made money even though the losers will easily outweigh the winners that they call, and never honor any promises or guarantees they make. Be very careful when they tell you how great they think a trade is, it likely means they are already positioned ahead of time.  Funny, these same scumbags love to slam Jim Cramer.  Say what you want about him, but he does not make trades in the stocks he calls for a set period of time that's fully disclosed.  Do you think it's legal to front run a stock just because you gave a warning that you are going to?  That's more like premeditated front running!  They are complete and utter slimeballs, and with the way the FTC and SEC are cracking down on these cretins, it won't be long now before they get what they so desperately deserve.They will take to the defense : "WE HELP PEOPLE!" and write big checks to their posse of lawyers to help get them out of another boo boo until the insurance check comes in.


If you have been front run, pumped and dumped, bait and switched, thrown into continuity programs (this is where they charge your credit card endlessly with no way to cancel) contact the FTC, SEC, and your state Attorney General RIGHT AWAY and they can help you recover funds plus damages.


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