Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There's been a lot of hype around some super gurus and how they "nailed" 1080 as the lows of the correction.

1080 was a Fib number, I had been talking about it since we got the first bounce in August relative to the SPY at 108.84.

Briefing Trader, the favorite subscription service for most super gurus to steal from, while claiming the plays are their own (they've been caught many times doing it) was talking about 1080 for a bit prior to the low as well.

Think about it: How could super gurus that claim technical analysis doesn't work pick a techncial level as a low?


Don't believe the hype! It will only wind up costing you some serious money as the super gurus pick your pockets with over hyped under delivered lists, classes and memberships.

FREE January Effects class to be announced soon. You don't have to fall for the oldest scam in the book, someone regurgitating someone else's picks while giving a half assed guarantee that they never honor.



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