Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Iidiots and their hype about "trends"

When it's easy pickings, the super guru criminal hypesters are heroes. They claim the obvious, well known tendencies like "earnings run up", "January Effects" and "Window Dressing" and think that the public is stupid enough to believe that they invented these terms. Do a search on Google and find out how these scumbags steal other people's ideas.

Then, they double talk the living crap out of you, as someone has made me aware that one did with AMZN ahead of earnings.

Here it is paraphrased:

"I'd be long if anything (not saying that I will be and I reserve the right to trade it), but I'd not be short or buy puts, if they blow out it can go to 300, but its iffy so be careful, and I might not do anything". Gee, that clears it up.

Now that AMZN wiffed, they can say "oh, I said it was iffy", but if they blew out, they would be chiming on how they knew this would happen.


Please folks, don't fall for the "good guy" routine, or how they use made up tragedy like illnes and accidents to make you feel sorry for them. The only thing these scoundrels care about is taking your money by either pump and dumping, front running or high extortion like fees for nonsense.


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