Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl prediction results

Steelers +3 point; 5 units Loss
Steelers +115 money line; 5 units Loss
Over 45; 2 units Win
ALTERNATIVE POINT SPREAD: Steelers – 3 1/2 and +180; 4 units Loss
Last scoring play of 1st half is a fg or safety -110; 3 units Loss
Either team will NOT score 3 times unanswered -120; 3 units Win
Last scoring play of the game Field Goal +160; 3 units Win
Steelers first scoring play of the game defensive or special teams touchdown +1000; 1/2 unit. Loss

I am consistently horrible in this! If you faded my picks, you are a happy person right now ;)

Congrats to the Packers. They deserve every bit of the praise they will receive. In my opinion, this is only the first for Aaron Rodgers. He is just fantastic.

Michal tiny Saul

tinymjs at gmail dot com

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